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Prof. Dr.

Michael Derrer

Professor for Economic Sociology

Business Consultant

Honorary judge

Business Consultant

I have specialized on the countries of Eastern Europe since 1990.

My company ASCENT has been supporting Swiss companies in their expansion to Eastern Europe for 15 years.

Our branche offices are in Bucharest, Kiev, Moscow and Warsaw.

We are the exclusive purchasing agent of LANDI Switzerland for all Eastern European countries.

Associate Professor

In my teaching, I compare economic thought traditions and ideologies, and introduce economic sociology.

My research interests are:

  • Interpretation of phenomena of “corruption” in Russia and Ukraine
  • What will the digital Swiss Franc of the future look like?
  • Improving vocational education in Romania
  • Developing the Swiss Index for Teaching Excellence

In study tours abroad we explore the connection between economy and culture.

Legal Interpreter

For the Swiss Federal Prosecutor, the Federal Criminal Court and the Federal Criminal Police, I interpret between my native language German, and the foreign languages

  • Russian, Romanian, Polish, Italian, French, English, Spanish

I also do written translations from Ukrainian, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak and Serbo-Croatian into German, English and French.

Political Engagement

As a part-time district judge in Rheinfelden, I am committed to a modern judicial system.

I have launched innovative political initiatives in the fields of law enforcement, education and SME development.

Having been a board member of a political party for 10 years, last year I launched an association to foster local development in my city.

I see myself as a cosmopolitan who doesn’t want to lose his roots.

What moves me more: an old Swiss film, or a political breakthrough in a country where I spent some time?