Lecturer for Economics

As a lecturer of economics I present conflicting theories, in order to allow students to find their own standpoint.

Since 2012 Michael Derrer is a lecturer at Lucerne University for Applied Sciences and Arts. At present he offers the following courses and seminars:

At the Business School:

Introduction to Economics

(in the Master for Business Administration)

We confront the views of standard economics (neoclassical theory) with the other important currents of economic theory.
Underground Economics

(open for students of all faculties)

We treat approaches of heterodox economists and discuss alternative economic designs. 
Eastern Europe – our unknown neigbours

(Summer school in an Eastern European city for Swiss students)

2013: Moscow

2014-16: Warsaw

2017: Tirana

2016 I organized the Summer School for the third time in Warsaw. We confronted economic liberalism in Poland with the policies of the new conservative government.

In September 2017 our Summer School takes place in Tirana and Shkodra (Albania).  The Summer School now opens up to participants from outside our University.

Methods and indicators for the evaluation of business locations I strive to lead the students away from the perceived security of the “objectively best business location” to a defining a feasable solution for an individual company.

At the Faculty for Social Work:

Introduction to Economics Knowledge about economics is relevant for students of social work, as well.

In the two courses-seminars I confront the recomendations of standard economics to counter projects based on social concerns. The right mixture of both ist needed.

Work in society, labor market, unemployment


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